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Shaping a Global Identity Platform for the Digital Economy


Identity management represents one of the biggest challenges for businesses to provide efficient, secure and regulatory compliant digital services. Current authentication systems involve cumbersome manual processes, poor customer experiences and security inneficiencies around data storage and privacy. As we shift toward a digital economy, there is a pressing need to build a new foundational identity layer for the internet.


Gataca is a technology company founded in Boston, at the heart of MIT's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It started as a result of our frustration with the massive Equifax data breach in 2017, when our personal data became part of the 143 million personally identifiable records stolen in that single event.

We imagine a future where identity is controlled by its owner, has no frontiers, is accessible to anyone, from everywhere, in the most simple and secure way. Our team of passionate engineers was built to make that happen.

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